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Who we are

Kalycon is a construction company intent on becoming one of South East Queensland’s most respected Construction brands. Combining hands-on construction and development experience, our principal, Michael Pikos, founded this young and dynamic company that is out to re-define industry protocols in core values, integrity and service.

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Our Philosophy

Kalycon have a strong ethos of partnering with our clients to deliver value in every facet of their project. Kalycon believe that value management is not about cost cutting, but about ensuring every aspect of design and engineering has been thought through in detail to ensure no inefficiency in the design and ultimate buildability of the project. Our unmatched experience in pre-construction services enables us to manage the project at the earliest stages of design to ensure optimum value for our clients.


This philosophy has quickly earned Kalycon the reputation of being a professional team that delivers results.


The Pikos Family has construction roots in Australia dating as far back as the late 1920s.

Grandfather Petros Mihailou, migrated from a remote island in Greece to Darwin in 1927 where he established a small construction company that went on to build many buildings of historical significance to early Darwin.


Brothers Michael, Pedro and Tony Pikos joined forces in 1995 continuing the family tradition of

construction & development in the Northern Territory and went on to become the largest private construction/development company in the northern territory.

The Pikos brothers then made their first foray into Queensland in 2003 and since then have

undertaken $500 million in developments throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory, firmly establishing them within the Queensland development and construction Industry.


With the inevitable family business generational transition Michael Pikos went on to undertake numerous projects over a 10-year period within his own company structure before establishing Kalycon with a view to creating a construction brand synonymous with quality, vision and an innovative approach to an everchanging industry.

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