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With A history of social consciousness, father and founder,  

Meletios Pikos received the Silver Jubilee Medal by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to the community. It is no surprise that the Pikos brothers funded the establishment and implementation of MAV BUILD – an Indigenous Housing Maintenance Organisation that operated in the Darwin region and was headed by Mr. David Cole. MAV BUILD was aimed at undertaking Indigenous construction work whilst training and employing Indigenous Australians in the construction trade.


Between 1990 and 2000, Pikos employed a number of Indigenous Australians within their property development activities without any subsidies for these employments ever sought. Pikos is proud to have employed and trained over 50 Indigenous Australians in the construction Industry.


In 1996 Pikos proudly donated a 2000m2 beach front parcel of land to the Gwalwa Darraniki Association in the Sunset Cove (Coconut Grove) residential development. This land was subsequently used by the Darraniki Association as a recreational sporting venue. 

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